About Us

We provide PREMIUM GRADE silica gel desiccants

Shanghai Caiyong industry Co.,Ltd, originally Shanghai Caiyong desiccant factory, was founded in 1990. At the begining, It was mainly providing desiccant for domestic clients. In 1980s, Chinese became one of the world largest factory, during that period, silica gel desiccants are provided for exported merchandise. Our first clients are mostly manufacturers who are making toy, clothing, and luggages.

At the begining of 21st century, as the toy, clothing, and luggages factories are moving to south of China, automobile, computer chip, precision instrument, military, and Aerospace equipment factories were becoming our clients. Caiyong bought more advanced equipments and hired more professional employees, at the meantime, we change our name to Shanghai Caiyong industry Co.,Ltd.

As the improvement of pharmaceutical technology, more and more pharmaceutical and diagnostic reagent factory are becoming our clients. In 2005, Chinese first silica gel factory, Shanghai Huayi group Huayuan chemistry, joined Caiyong to develop high speed desiccant filling line. The new filling line was 3 times faster than the manual filling line, and the speed is up to 10 times now.

Mr Qihao Li is the current general manager of the company. He was graduated from UCLA chemical engineering major, then he came back and took over the family business during 2017. He built up a new ERP system and complete company's managerment system. He emphasizes on new technique and modern equipments to imporve our product's stability and cost.