Desiccant is a substance that easily absorbs water. It can absorb water vapor in a certain space and reduce the relative humidity of this space.

Encapsulating the desiccant in the sealed packaging can reduce the humidity in the packaging container, prevent metal rust or non-metallic deterioration, mold, etc. Desiccant must be used in environmental storage or enveloped rust-proof packaging. Desiccant is also used in many moisture-proof packaging. Desiccant is an important auxiliary material for sealing anti-rust packaging and moisture-proof packaging.

For packaging using desiccant, the volume of the packaging space should be reduced as much as possible; the moisture-proof packaging materials used must have low moisture permeability and good sealing; the packaged materials and lining materials must be dried in advance and then placed in the packaging container.

The desiccant must be dried before use and then quickly sealed in the packaging container. Generally, the desiccant should not be placed directly on the package. It should be wrapped in coarse cloth or sandbags and hung in a suitable place in the packaging container. For small packages like medicines, the desiccant can be pressed into a sheet and placed in the space between the cap and the liner.

Requirements for packaging desiccant:

  1. Strong moisture absorption. Remove the moisture in the package by physical adsorption
  2. Stable chemical properties, no decomposition, no volatility, no corrosive substances after water absorption. Does not heat up significantly after absorbing water
  3. The desiccant should be a granular substance with a certain strength, so as not to crush and contaminate the packaged goods during storage and transportation
  4. In the temperature range during product storage and transportation, the moisture absorption capacity of the desiccant did not change significantly. That is, it will not release the absorbed moisture when the temperature is slightly higher
  5. It is best to recycle and use it at a low price

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Characteristics and Application of Montmorillonite Desiccant