Four mistakes on quality of silica gel desiccant products

One of the most important indicators to determine the quality of silica gel desiccant is the amount of adsorption. There are often the following misunderstandings when measuring the amount of adsorption:

1. Take a small amount of silica gel desiccant into the water, and observe the intensity of the explosion when it encounters water: the explosion is fast and the explosion effect is strong. The product has low water content and good adsorption.

Misunderstanding: In fact, the water explosion rate of silica gel desiccant does not have much relationship with the moisture content and adsorption capacity of silica gel. It can not reflect the water absorption of the desiccant very well, because the "explosion" is only instantaneous, and the level of water absorption performance is continuous. The desiccant is not used to directly adsorb liquid water, but is used to adsorb Gaseous water molecules in the air. It is actually proved that some manufacturers on the market deliberately produce products with a good "explosion rate" whose water content can only reach 15%, and their adsorption capacity is far lower than the 28% specified in the silica gel desiccant industry standard GB10455-89 -30% is completely unqualified.

2. Take a small amount of silica gel desiccant and a small amount of color-changing silica gel to seal them together, and observe the color-changing speed of the color-changing silica gel. The slow color-changing speed proves that the product has a low water content.

Misunderstanding: This detection method is more scientific, but it can only explain whether the moisture content of the detected silica gel desiccant exceeds the color-changing silica gel. In addition, the discoloration silica gel produced by the respective manufacturers, due to the difference in the proportion of the content of the added raw materials, will also cause the discoloration silica gel itself to change the speed of discoloration. Therefore, we cannot be completely convinced by this detection method.

3. Take a small amount of silica gel desiccant and place it outdoors for 2 days. After weighing, calculate the difference between the two weighing results. If the difference is large, the product has good adsorption capacity.

Misunderstanding: The principle of this method is correct, but because the external environment is constantly changing, the results detected by this method cannot be completely convinced.

4. Take a small amount of silica gel desiccant and hold it tightly in your hand to feel whether it is hot. If it is hot, it proves that it is of good quality.

Myth: Silica gel desiccant will release a certain amount of heat when absorbing moisture, but it is completely incorrect based on subjective feeling.

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