Just a few Step, You Can determine Whether the Silica Gel Desiccant is Active or not

1. Tear off the desiccant bag, take out the silica gel and hold it in you hand. If you feel its generate heat, it means the the silica gel is still active. Note! the silica gel in your hand are no longer active.

2. If the silica gel indicator changed color, it means the desiccant has failed.

3. Tear open the desiccant bag, and pour the silica gel into a small cup of cold water. if the silica gel particles burst and make a "pop" sound, then the desiccant is active.

4. take a small bag of silica gel desiccant, weigh it, and make a mark. Place it on the desk for 5-10 days. if the weight is increasing, the desiccant is active.

Common Silica Gel Indicator