What is a deoxidizer? Is the deoxidizer a desiccant? To what extent is the deoxidizer used?

The deoxidizer is used in food packaging to reduce the oxygen content in the package and to extend the shelf life. There are various functions of deoxidizer on the market, such as deodorization and moisture absorption, but its main function is still deoxidizer.

At present, the mainstream deoxidizer on the market is mainly a bag of particles mixed with iron powder and calcium chloride (hygroscopic agent), and activated carbon is also added to absorb some odors. Essentially, it relies on iron powder oxidation and rust. Generally speaking, iron powder oxidation needs to be carried out in an environment with a relative humidity of 65%, so a calcium chloride-like moisture absorber can ensure iron powder oxidation reaction. This chemical reaction can reduce the oxygen content in the package to 0.01%. At standard atmospheric pressure, 1 gram of iron powder can remove 300 cm3 of oxygen.

Although other methods can also remove oxygen, iron powder is the most useful, and it does not produce odors like sulfides or inertness like aluminum composites. It should be noted that the humidity in the bag and the ambient temperature will directly affect the performance of the deoxidizer.

Application field

  • moon cake
  • Nuts and snacks
  • Processed dried jerky (dried beef and dried pork)
  • Seasoning powder, flour, and cereals

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